Don’t Miss These Spots While Spring Cleaning!

Ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are often neglected because they are high up and you can’t see how dirty they get, but they are notorious for collecting dust and dead bugs. Most likely your fan hasn’t been on much during the winter, and when you turn it on you don’t want all that build-up to be stirred up around the house. If you can’t reach the top with a duster you might need to grab a ladder to thoroughly clean it. 

Air vents

Air vents are also known for collecting dust and can contaminate the air in the house too. This is an easy way to really freshen up the air quality and the cleanliness of your house as a whole. You can just dust them or wipe them down with a damp towel or rag. 


Whether your home has a lot of windows or just a few it is equally important to make sure they’re cleaned. Spray down and clean the glass of course, but also scrub out the window tracks and the window sills.


Carpets should ideally be professionally cleaned at least once a year and spring cleaning is the perfect time to cover all your bases. A good carpet cleaning adds that warm homey feeling that we all love.

Under/behind appliances

While most people clean their appliances regularly, spring cleaning is the time to get into those hard to reach areas. Think about your microwave, toaster, and oven where food crumbs and grime are liable to build up.


Baseboards are sometimes one of the most neglected aspects in your home, but they are found in every room in the house. While people clean their floors regularly, baseboards are often pushed to the wayside. They are one of those features that, when cleaned, can really add that springtime freshness throughout the house.


Cleaning your pantry is the perfect time to organize it as well. If you want a thorough clean we suggest you empty out the whole pantry shelf by shelf and wipe them down. While emptying out the shelves go ahead and get rid of all that expired food and reorganize everything for a nice tidy look.

Spring cleaning with American Housekeeping 

We understand everyone has a busy schedule and it is hard to find time for a deep spring cleaning. So contact us at American Housekeeping for a top-to-bottom checklist. We offer an extensive cleaning list in all rooms including vacuuming, mopping, dusting, sanitizing and polishing wood surfaces. All of our products are non-toxic and safe to the touch. We emphasize the integrity of our work and aim to earn your trust and build a genuine relationship with all our clients.