Our Licensed, Bonded and Insured House Cleaning Professional


Having a licensed house cleaning professional means that you’re getting the best quality cleaning possible. Our maids go through extensive comprehensive training courses before being able to start work on customer’s homes. Being a licensed house cleaning professional means that that person is more than sufficiently qualified to perform the various tasks required by them. 

Customers will get a satisfaction guaranteed maid service each time their cleaning crew comes to their home. Our housekeepers take much pride in their work, and they want to give you the best quality service they can.  



Being bonded is another way we ensure our customers’ satisfaction with each service. Let’s explain this a little further. Bonded companies have purchased a surety bond which is a promise by a person or company guaranteeing to pay one party a certain amount if a second party fails to meet an obligation. For example, if you hire a housekeeping company to clean your home and one of the employees steals your diamond earrings, the bond will help pay for the loss of your missing item. 

While our employees are required to undergo extensive background checks before being hired, we go the extra mile to bond our employees as an added precaution to our customers. We know how important the security of your home is, and we’ll do whatever we can to ensure your trust in us. 


Using an uninsured cleaning company means that if an accident were to happen on your premises, you would be responsible for paying for the costs. At American Housekeeping, we take responsibility by insuring all of our employees and our business. This takes the liability off of our customers and leaves us accountable if an accident occurs. 

Being insured is one of the biggest commitments we make to our customers. We understand that accidents can and will happen, which is why we take full responsibility for those events. 


American Housekeeping Maid Service

Hiring an independent housekeeper puts you in a high-risk situation when accidents occur. Independent housekeepers are not bonded, licensed, or insured most of the time, making you liable for any thefts, accidents, or injuries. Avoid being in a difficult position when something like this occurs and hire a Reno, Sparks, Carson City, and San Antonio house cleaning company that is covered. Licensed, bonded and insured house cleaning is provided by American Housekeeping with each service. Our highly trained, professional San Antonio and Reno maid service will give you the best quality work possible. And having bonded and insured employees will ensure your protection every time you use us. Send us a business text message or call us today to get a free Reno, Sparks, Carson City, and San Antonio house cleaning quote!