What’s Different About Carson City Housekeeping Services?

Keeping Your House Clean

Keeping a house in order is always a hassle. Sometimes there just isn’t enough time, especially after a long work day. Combine that with the living situation – either single, married, kids, or maybe just a bunch of pets – and you could potentially have a headache to deal with every time you step in the door. Many people just opt to let someone else handle it instead.

American Housekeeping has been headache managers – for clean homes at least – since 1989, and more than anyone we know the relief a nice clean home brings after the end of a long day. In fact, so many people love that feeling that they opt for continued service – some for generations.

After cleaning well over a thousand homes of all varieties, we have become really familiar with all of our clients. In Carson City especially we have been providing home cleaning services since the founding of American Housekeeping. Because of our history, many of our customers know the American Housekeeping service down cold and here’s how they get the most out of their service with us.

1. Trust The Pros

We clean a lot of homes, like a lot, and are certified home cleaners. Over the generations, there are very few things that would surprise us with homes and we would consider ourselves pretty experienced. It’s not easy to trust a stranger in your home, however. As Jan Morse states,

“I was reluctant to hire someone to clean my house at first. I grew up in Wisconsin, and it was sort of a point of pride that you did that yourself. But when we had our second child it just became overwhelming for my husband and me.”

Our customers love us and trust our professionals that are licensed, bonded and insured so they know that if accidents happen, we have it covered. They also trust our quality. You always hear stories of housekeepers skimping on quality or not doing a full job. We are proud to have our services down to a science and our housekeeping checklist ensures we keep our standards high so that doesn’t happen.

They also know American Housekeeping professionals are actual individuals who are actually certified. We also check to make sure our workers are legally employed through E-Verify so we can take care of them and pay all of our taxes. As result, our customers feel secure that we do a good job each time and can sit back, relax, and enjoy the relief a clean living space provides.

2. Know the Service 

There are two different types of housekeepers: independent contractors and employees working for a company. Either way, it is important to make sure they are licensed, insured and bonded. As far as service options, for some people, it is enough for one-time cleans, but for anyone else with kids, pets or just a busy lifestyle it may not be enough. Some people enjoy holiday cleans – bringing in American Housekeeping to do the legwork of cleaning before something like a big holiday party or just inviting some guests over. American Housekeeping offers Weekly, Bi-Weekly, and Monthly maid service schedules for those that need a little bit more, however.

As a general practice for your housekeepers, don’t be afraid to talk to them about their services. Our checklist is what we pride ourselves in and gets the most for your dollar spent. However, some customers may need different things. Some people don’t want us to touch or feather dust valuables, others want us to take every piece and individually dust them. Whatever your cleaning needs are, feel free to talk to our team about it. We want to make sure we exceed your expectations and talking to your housekeeper will make sure we address the things that are on your mind.

Many pro-housekeepers have similar cleaning options – the difference is in quality. Generally, the line is drawn at similar points. Services typically do not cover very hard to reach locations, cleaning exterior windows, chimney cleaning – basically, anything that will take too much time away from primary services that get the bulk of the cleaning done for your money. However, if you definitely have the grime of something like your exterior windows on your mind, then let us know. We are always happy to work with our clients.

There are some other important ways to get the most out of your service. Housekeeping services focus on the most high-traffic areas of your home because of the amount of cleaning to be done. Simple things like picking up extra socks laying out or de-cluttering the area can really add to your clean. That way the housekeepers can get to deep cleaning instead of organizing things (which mind you we are also super good at, but cleaning is where we truly shine – and make everything else shine.) Take a look at some of our other helpful tips about getting the most for your house cleaning services on our FAQs page.

3.Know What You’re Paying For

The Quote: The quote is an intricate system of calculations that essentially attempt to match what the housekeeping provider assumes your home is like, to their best and most affordable service for you. A good housekeeping company will always give you an honest quote because they want customers for life and know they can give you a consistently good service each time that you will enjoy.

Quoting is always a guessing game and we trust our clients, to be honest with their responses because – let’s face it – the housekeeper will see the home eventually and be able to tell if a home needs more TLC than what is disclosed.

The Walkthrough: After getting a quote, American Housekeeping’s maid service employees hop to and come over to clean your home. This is where the housekeeper actually gets to see the home in person and talk about expectations with the customers. This is where our service checklist comes in handy and we make sure a document is signed by both parties so that way there aren’t any surprises and you can be sure we are serious about doing a good job for you each clean.

The Checklist: When you pay for housekeeping service, you pay for completion of the checklist of services they provide. If the company is worth its weight in Pinesol© then they will provide a  Satisfaction Guarantee for their services. Many people want the deep clean similar to the FBI’s forensic clean after a crime scene. American Housekeeping can actually do that, but know that the amount of clean is relative to the price of the service no matter the company or individual.

The Service: If you didn’t believe it yet, yes American Housekeeping employees are all licensed, bonded and insured. You can, in fact, be a professional at house cleaning and we have a rigorous training process that ensures every individual is highly qualified to make your place shine. We also pride ourselves in our customer relations – we are friendly, personable and open. You can talk to us about expectations, service details, or how our Sunday was.

We also bring our own equipment. Things like step stools, mops, sponges, etc. And we offer alternative cleaning solutions for homes with pets and children who may be sensitive to our normal products for deep cleaning. In which case, no worries, our alternative cleaning solutions pack the same punch with the same clean scent.

Enjoy Your Clean Home

So now you know the details to our American Housekeeping’s maid service for the Reno, Sparks, Carson City, and San Antonio areas. Our customers in Carson City love us and know the American Housekeeping system through and through and many have stayed with us for generations because of our honesty, quality, and integrity.

If you’re new to American Housekeeping services, or just browsing to see what all the Hufflepuff is about with maid services and housekeepers that you occasionally see at your neighbor’s place, then check out our full list of services or browse some of the most common questions about maid services.

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See the difference a clean home can make